Spring - Summer Vacations 2018

Spring & Summer Vacations

Just Vacations has found great Vacation packages this Spring / Summer. 2016 Find Amazing prices this time of the year. With kids back to School, planning a vacations is much easier and Vacations are at an All time low. Hotels in the Sunny South. Get away this Summer and relax in the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

School Calendar 2018

School Holiday Dates 2018

Just Vacations will be your best source for School Holiday Dates for 2018 Calendar year and up to 2018 . Schools have released thier dates and Just Vacations has posted them for you . Keep us bookmarked and check back to get the School Holiday Calendar 2018 , March Break Packages 2018hen does school end in 2018 and when does school start in 2018

Just Vacations School Dates 2018

Cheap Flights 2018

Choose your Departure City and Get away For Less this Summer 2015 Red Tag Vacations has made it easy to get the Latest and Best Travel Deals for All Domestic and International Flights from Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Montreal and all Canadian Gateways.

US Tax Recovery - Casino Tax Refund

Casino Tax Refund for Canadians and US Non Residents, Each year millions of visitors to the United States win money and have to pay out a 30% withholding tax on their winnings. U.S. Tax Recovery will determine your eligibility for a full or partial IRS [Internal Revenue Service] refund and will assist you in recovering those taxes up to 3 (three) years after your winnings.

Twinrix Vaccine

You Should get the Twinrix Vaccine before you Travel this year.
Twinrix® is a combined hepatitis A and hepatitis B vaccine to be used in adults, adolescents, and children between the ages of 1 and 18 years. Get more info on What is Twinrix Before you Travel

Passports Required for Travel to USA & Mexico 2018

Tarveling to Meixico 2015 , Read this before you go. Passport requierments for Mexico as of March 01, 2010 Agents are reminding clients that flying into Mexico will be required to show a valid passport as of March 1. 2010.

Answers for Questions we all have!!!

We all ask the same Questions and for simple things

Daylight Savings Time

Like many Canadians in EST [Eastern Standard Time] always ask the same question. I don't know when the time changes? ot When do weSpring Forward and Fall Back this year? 2018 .

March Break Dates

March Break Vacation, Finding that Perfect March Break Vacation is easier than you think. Don't wait until the last minute to find the Best Spots.

Last Day of School

Summer is here and you need to find that perfect family resort, Planning it early can save time and money, start to look for you July Vacation or August Vacation in May.